Jun 27, 2010

Dear Mr Gigi

ever heard about Buffon? or maybe Gianlugi Buffon? or maybe Gigi? yeah my step-uncle -____- still wondering that someday i can meet him and got a very big hug AAAA. ehm --

Dear Mr Gigi,

How's life goin Mr? thought you're not alright there. i watched you in worldcup. well, to be honest......DISAPPOINTED :( i've been waiting for ya since the worlcup begin and what i saw? you. played badly and lost a goal. and what next? only in one round! *tolong dicatat, cuma satu babak abis itu ngilang* so much disappointed! really really really disappointed!~

okay, i'm so sorry then. i'm just too adore you. since i know you from PlayStation games, Winning Eleven or we call it WE. yaa before FIFA Worldcup 2006 begin. it's about 2005. i always use Azzurri if i beat my brother even you know, i never success to beaten up my brother -__- that's my fault not Azurri lols :p
well then, FIFA WC 2006 came up.
who's i was supported? gimme AZZURRI (y!)
why? I saw Giangluigi Buffon on the squad list :D. i adore you somuch! even it began from the game :p

i don;t have to typing too long then. everyone knows that you were so terrific with your enermous ability to keep the goal beaten up! and you've got an appriciate from FIFA. Golden Ball -- call it GB just like your initial, Gianluigi Buffon -- good job Mr Gigi!

okay, let's talk about this year~2010
you, terrible. so sorry Mr but that what i think AT FIRST *tolong dicatat, awalnya gue berfikir begitu* yes at first Mr. but now? i saluted everything with you!
i understand why you did the match badly.
i undestand why when you lost the goal and you looked really upset.
i understand why Marchett has to be the goalkeeper even he is so unexperience.

i understand Mr~ Back injury :(
you've got that injury since 3 years ago right? and you haven't do the surgery because of team's thingy. Juvetus has no other experienced goalkeeper. you have to keeping workout! onceagain-- i adore you
you're just too right to be adore to. Mr i hope the surgery work well and in 2 months you can do the match again. keep give your support to Marchetti! i thought that he got a blame on! aww please do not that to Marchetti :D

and pleasevisit Indonesia Mr! you'll get a very very wonderful trip here. send Alena and your children warm greeting from me :) GET WELL REALLY SOON :) be blessed!

a very warm greeting,
Afi Wiyono

okay i hope Mr Gigi will found out my letter someday :p
and you know, i'm just too jealous with me cyberpal from Italy. named Mauri yeah Maurizio. why? he got saluted by Buffon when they met in a hotel in Turin. what-a-life!

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