Nov 27, 2010

I am the one who knew me

Guys, what will you do if you lost something you thought it's worth it?
I'll try to get it back. Though I won't get it back and at least I couldn't do something FOR MORE, I'll stop. For some reasons of course.
Here's the most important reason; you may got a self-replacement or something kinda like that so you won't think that what-are-you-tryin-to-is worth it anymore. note that!

and that makes me realize how fantastic self-replacement that I've got recently! (recently here means less than a month!) it's too fast but it's definitely really me. I'm not what I used to be. I'm a rude, cruel schoolgirl with no responsibilities handled well. I DON'T CARE ABOUT SCHOOL. school here means 'the subjects' there, not about friends and the atmosphere, so on.

well the best thought why this could be happen is, I'm suffering cus I have no momma and daddy right beside me. what a terrible! bored with school is something usual for me that I always want to give up. but momma and daddy won't let me doing that. they have their own way to make me flare about this life cause I said, recently life got its new meaning, it means school. so in short, momma and daddy will try to make flare with school.

you can leave this site if you bored cus what will you find out here is all about how I express that I really bored with school.

well, as the impact from the self-replacement, I got a score-replacement. and somehow I don't care. I don't care if I have to do the test again and I didn't get a pressure or something. Friends said it's absolutely what they want! they didn't want to feel the 'pressure' because they didn't wanna be stressed out! note this, they may think I'm okay, yes of course I'm okay! but I'm not alright! it's definitely not me! what I'm doing is something that will make my parents disappoint and somehow I don't wanna change this.

Because I lost the flare. Really lost it. Cause I miss the way they support me.
You can't say that I'm alright. The way i express 'stressed-out' is what reliefs on me now.
Stressed out but I have no pressure, beauty words eh?

because every single day, after the sunrise up perfectly, you'll get a new breath, a new life. a new self, not you were in the yesterday. that's why changing is perfectly normal

bye, much ♥ from me
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