Dec 30, 2010

Happy Birthday @aisahregar!!

I found this on my posting drafts. Sorry have to post this by now, believe me I would never forget you, Sah. I love you

hello dearest bloggey :)
well now gonna type some words that able to describe how I was feeling about Dec 27! that day was my backseater's birthday! Ira? Nopesah, it's Aisah's birthday! Kay, simple thing about birthday was about surprise party as well, so me with 5 others, Ira Vani Kartika Ayu and Vera were together made a surprise party. And I'm not quite sure, was it a real 'surprise'? actually surprise as it is means something can make a delightful or something shocking up hoho. for this thing, you may ask Aisah.

Plan goes here --> 10 am, gather at a shelter in front of school, buy a cake at Seven Grain Mampang, at least 12 am we have to reach Aisah's house already.

We went here--> Me Ira Ayu and Kartika gathered at about 11 am. Went to Seven Grain only 4 of us. Went to penvil to picked Vera and Vani. the terrible thing about this appointment was, VANI CAME ABOUT 1 pm! what-a-lame -_-

Okay let see next then. We went to Aisahs with Sugeng as the driver. Hard to explain how things went to, but the most gregetan thing is *maksa* the candle couldn't be burned! Another lame you know -__- well we didn't think much about that, not a regularly serious problem.
yeah then we sang a Birthday song and ate the cake. It's Tiramisu!

then Aisah asked for a treat! well chao to sevel Mampang still with Sugeng haha. then ate and drank this and that! happy time :) Thankyou Aisah. and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
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