Dec 7, 2010


Have you ever feel how cursed it is when you catch up because you stalked someone?
Have you ever feel how shit it is when you red-handed because you tried to get somebody else's bussiness?
Have you ever know how do people doing something you can't?
Have you ever try to put everything off and don't wanna know even the truth says you do?
Have you ever got blame on?

If you answer YES for those questions, we may ever felt the same.

How could someone feels okay while he/she got a big-curiosity in front of him/her? so that's why they stalked because they just want to make it sure everything's alright and there's nothing to be worry.

How could someone just stands up and do nothing while he/she got stalked? so, that's why they tried to get somebody else's bussiness just to make it sure what was made them got stalked.

How could someone just lays up with a-skeleton-dance seems deaf and blind just to know that everybody around him/her are doing a big thing? Even they don't wanna try, and means they don't wanna be able to do it, they will find out the way those people doing a big thing.

How could someone do everything in the same time? but it's possible to let everything off by put it off. So, why everything should be done though it could be easily left? it's your choice to do or do not something.

How could someone that made a fault and it's connected to others even ruins everything got a forgiven easily? They absolutely got blame whether in that way or other way.

Don't ever think you always do everything perfectly. No one of us born perfect. But it's never be a fault to give the best. Best never means perfect. And when you have a shit happens in this life, don't ever think something wrong is on-air now. A bad experience not always caused by a mistake, sometimes it comes from your best.

Shameless. What I'm doing now is being shameless. A lot of confidents is needed just to get rid from shit-happens and continue my life. I was nothing in person but I will be something when I've got into my soul. So, at least don't ever be ashame just because you ever did the same thing I wrote above, be shameless, be tough, and be YOU

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