Apr 22, 2011

12 on 21

Hokay, I'm gonna upload some photos we've got from our magical experience *lebay. Xavier!

Prepare the things

I was about 'AAA' when they appeared after changed their clothes :D

lemme tell you one by one

Aryorespati Xavier as Vocalist! doesn't it cool?
Okay, can't resist for more he did cool yesterday
AAAAAA wakakak

Fandi Ferdiansyah as Bassist! Well, he just acted on that pic
but can you see that? kinda the real one, rite?

Feisal Syarief as Keyboardist! and.. BirthdayBOY!
Hahaha Happy Birthday Feeeei thanks for being okay to be treated like that ;)
How was your 'ngacul'? wakakak

Galih Rizky as Drummer! err.....
no comment deh ya *no offense wakakak :p

Bella Marisa the main actress ;)
You seemed like a princess Bel wakakak
tipsy-girl :)

Ishmah Naqiyya the Director
Ecie deeeeeh buaji jadi sutradara kiwkiw :p

Kartika Dwi Sukmawati as......
lo jadi apaan sih Kar? merangkap deh pokoknya akakak
Lighting iya, nyatet iya, bendahara iya, ambil aja semuanya kar ambil!
ckck haha ga deeeng ciee muucih yaa

(sorry this picture has been removed)
Luthfita Alfiory and Herra Williany
the party girl :) wakakakak cie yang heboh yak yang hebooh

ME! as Camera Person
Actually I even didn't get how to be a camera person.
All I did was, rec and stop wahaha
first straw! yeay seems so cool to be one of it rite?

Farah Rania as the owner of the house and Party girl!
Thanks a lot budddddyyy :) without you we just don't know where to go *eaaa

Jauzaa Giovani as the REAL party girl and sassy more sexy girl :p
and for addition, Ms.Clipper! wakakakak
ciedeh jadian aja gih sama kak tio :D

Here we are, ready for the party!

And the real party goes here!!


hahaha keey that is all! It was just awesome and I do love ya all. Let's having a party to celebrate it wakakakak

Luv luv and kecuppss,
Afi Wiyono :)

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