Jun 27, 2011


Hello holidays! hello brand new times :)

Get you to know, well not a salient thing but I just wanna thank God :D I got a new cellphone in case that I've reached 3rd place on my class. Okay, I through it pessimistically, I know it that yeah, second term was the worst term ever. I don't know, maybe my recent posts could explain it all. So, yeah, I wasn't expecting too much but I really thank God for this. And Momma and Daddy........ I love you so very very very very mucccccccccch more than the word itself!

i'll try it better then, I'll do my best here! yeah :D Love you momma daddyyy~~~~

With Smile and Laugh,
Afi Wiyono

p.s you know, I watched Indonesia Open! wait for the next post okaaaay? ;)
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