Jun 7, 2011

I'm craving to do such craziness. Does it wrong?

Where to start?
Cry? No. Probably no
Sadly saying that I'm regretting many things? No. I'm not regretting anything
Proud? Of what? No. There's not a thing to be prouded of.
So tell me where to start. I'm outta words. I'm not the one who's craving to do such arranging jumbled words, so do feeling.

I got a different me since about 2weeks ago. Seriously I lost what am I used to be. What passed through my brain is only

"Do what you love. Break the rules. Craving and tend to be the real you. Get the happiness. And yeah hello new world! It's me, your long-lost-friend"

you know, high school stole my world. Real world. I used to think likely "Make some jokes is the real having fun" but now for seriously I'm thinking about "Make some fun is the real joke" HA HA cursed highschool. Damn flying marks. And yeah hello RED! What are you doin on my report paper? Oh yeah, is that what I've got? Screeeeeeewed. I got bad marks like seriously. I'm not regretting it. I appreciate it. God, what kind of plan is this? Who's invovle for this? Me. Okay, me, and there are three of them. Me, myself, and I.

God, why me? Why not anyone else? Am I that special? What kind of shithappens? Do I really that bad?

Thanks God, like so very much. I feel it now. No wonder I gotta be taugh rite? Yes. I'm seriously ready to move. Move. And move

With confidence and nothing else,
Afi Wiyono
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