Aug 19, 2011

Thanks for the moments :)

It's not about a teenager's love story.
It's not about me, with a broken heart or else.
It's not about me who's giving up to fight for love
It's about them. Them. Who leave me earlier than any other.

Those 2 guys, who has been brought such colors to my life. Those 2 guys, who has made me such a friend. Those 2 guys, who'll be missed by everyone.

Rest in peace and grace, Nur Aisah Siregar and Astrid Dwi Oktaviani.

It was an accident and somehow I can blame no one for this case. They who's out there have talked too much without knowing the truth and somehow I realized that cyber world is totally heck. It wasn't important to start a story by saying 'one day' or even 'it all happened...' I don't even know the truth, the way you guys felt, and it is all enough to say goodbye.

I do love you, thanks for each moment. I'll keep like a photograph. Sorry for being sad because it is what I can express. I did hurt badly to hear such news and I know I have to face it tho you's truly hard. Everybody feels it too, hun. But I know I've gotta let you go.

May you find God's grace there.

With apology, best hugs, and kinda-of-missing-tears,
Afi Wiyono
Who really loves you badly

:) take care~bye♥
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