Sep 28, 2011

Lips, Mouth, and the Words

I just peeled the truth, anyway, if you wanna know.
Somebody tries to make it so damn beauty lies. And somehow I realized that lies are adorable and just can't be hidden. Admit it, people. You may say lying is the only way to save you whether you have the chance to do or not. You're masking and telling them like 'ah ya I can say it'd better if.....' You pay for the prestige.

I don't say like you no worth for it. I mean, hey people why don't you just say like 'ah ya sorry I don't think like I'd better give you any advice. I know no such thing.' Where's the wrong goes? You'll be saved after then. I don't think like ones who asked will be like reckon you as the dummies. It is you who afraid.
Prestigious is all you want.

Pernah denger tentang ilmu padi kan? Susah ya emang untuk jadi kayak gitu. Ada juga ilmu kapas. Enteng mah enteng eh cepet ketiup angin. In short, lo gak berisi, otak lo gak berisi more than anyone thought, tapi lo berkoar koar bak tertiup angin. Gue mungkin. Not try to be a hypocrite. Pengen ngaku-ngaku aja gue sih. Just in recent, hard to believe, 'he' is the real liar.
Biasanya kalo gue udah ngerasa ditipu, gue bakalan sumpah serapah seenak gue lo ke orang itu. Tapi, kali ini gue kicep. Gak bisa sumpah serapah. Kenyataan emang pait ya. Yang menjadi aktor itu 'dia', yang berbohong berkali-kali itu 'dia'. Gue gak bisa sumpah serapah karena ini tuh 'dia' bukan yang lain.

Berkali-kali ketangkep basah. I post this. I don't think like anyone is regularly opening my blog. I bashed my diary it could be called as throw it away. I need some others know this heck-beauty-ever-perfect-LIE. But, I have no guts, anyway, if you wanna know. Even I can't tell mama.

Dear you,
I don't think like I've been good. But AT LEAST, I'm not the one who's trying to get the prestige flows right in my knee by letting everyone believe with everything I say. If you can't change the shithappens, please, stop talking too much!

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