Oct 25, 2011

Paws up!

There's no chin up. Cause the king of the jungle use his paws!
I am the king. You guys are the lackeys.
Paws up, everybodeh!

Who's up to any examinations and bravely face it all? Paws up.
Who's blame the shits off no matter what people's talking? Paws up.
Who's as heck to not really care for any shithappens? Paws up.
Who's persist to own arguments to be argued? Paws up.

Now........ let's see. I have to be much care about this anyway. I'll try to hoist my paws as much as possible. And from now on, who's afraid of changing? I WON'T give any ups.

Brave enough to up your paws? Do it!

P.s I'm not a Little Monster. Meant for, yeah I enjoy Gaga's but thru paws up I never mean to be one of its Maniac or sumthg

With roar,
Afi Wiyono
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