Oct 1, 2011

You've got no same on me!

Hey people it's Saturday and a-why goes here!
Why am I so glad today and doing physics like having no rush time?
it's because I have no LIA and yes, NO MORE!!!!!!

Woops sorry to say the marked anyway. I wasn't talking like you guys should be grateful for being free from those essays because that place seems like a jail (mmm actually I'm thinking this kind but a bit) I was talking about, thank God I passed it! a year within suffers and togetherness. I can say it as suffers because it's just me who don't like it. We may have different opinion, rite?

and about the togetherness.......... All I can say is, I'll miss you guys!

We've made it even lil of us failed on test, just on test. But we really did it --making kind of family or else you can say friendship-- well. I don't think like without you guys I'll tend to come every Saturday to talk about introductory, grammars, and the most ridiculous thing of all and has ruined my years is.... ESSAY. I would never ever come if there's no such classmates like you. So, clear enough, rite?

And last, have a blessed Saturday guys! We don't have to spend our half Saturday on sucking class.

With salutation, kisses, and hugs,
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