Aug 22, 2009

waste and the tralalalalla $*&^((%$#()!!

i dunno mau post apaa -___- just wanna waste my time and didn't feel how the time goes by! wehw, because of what? FASTING, yey.

today, first day of my fasting time for 2009. well, up-known i already did saur *gatau bahasa inggrisnya bay* seemed i just got up and slept along within dreamed. banyak orang bilang kalo kaya gitu kecapean. BAHH! what i'm tired of? or maybe i just forgot all of my dream and i conclued, that were really unimportant, weren't that ha?

feel so good because i didn't feel sleepy while i was saur. even i went sleep 12.15 a.m before! wew, i'm growing up and i'm started control my self.

felt enough to waste my time

say, YEAH ROCK CHEER and PEACE hauauahahha
*gajelas ah

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