Mar 25, 2010

This 25

Good day guyss :) whooa such a pretty day for me. Why? Begin from woke up, usual nothin special and i took a bath lately. Daddy planned to go with me. Yeah, absolutely i'm gonna late but thought okay because i hate to go alone -- by public transportation for exact. Well, breakfast then gotta warmed up my car fufufu -,- i already prepared the thing to bring this day. Next next, after daddy finished his shower then wearing his office-thing we went out and i'm ready for the blame from my teachers.

Not until i found that everyone were gathering in the yard for the ceremony. Bigwell, i ran and stood up next to caca. Hey, it's lil annoying -,- CACA GOT A TERRIBLE EYE DISEASE! well God, save my eyes so i can face the national examination well next Monday, amien. Just that what i was thinking that time.

What ceremony is this? While my nextdoor (meant for the High School beside my school) is doing their exam. Annoying? Not really maybe.

Well my headmaster gave her speech obviously, but truly i love her style. That's what i call 'cool' and she would get the big prize from me HURRAAAAYY -..- haha, well i just admire her as my new headmaster. Signed that she finished we all stopped talking each other and waiting for the next info. there will be doa bersama


Well mr.tarmuji as the leader lead us. It was quite. Faithful. I didnt cry, but it touched my heart when i saw my teachers. They were crying :'( :'( oh God, i hate to see this scene.

Well we'd better turn to the next story. After doa bersama, sholat dhuha, and sholat hajat, it was breaktime! Hurray! But all of the sudden -,- i got terrible stomachache and it still hurts me until now. This day should be a beautiful forgiving day for me. But my stomach wants other plans. Shit, but Thank God i still can breathe. I hugged lotta people today.

Well mean for the exam, WISH ME LOTTA LUCKS ALL !!!

that's all, i gotta take a big rest today :')

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