Jul 13, 2010

cuore azzurro

ciao, sto scrivendo qui :D
long time no post here. actually i have no worth activities these days. i just move around in my house and doing the housework. and one thing, i changed my modem brand and it's quite slow but better than the old one :D

well, come vala vi ta? i'm okay here and got a longer holiday. well i'm loving azzurri til now i don't care what people say about this team! they're awesome though! Buffon is my hero -- past. today. tomorrow. and forever beyond -- you know, you may say that this team did a bad performance when they were on worldcup. do i care? thought no. i love them badly!!

let's talk about this team. probably i'm not a football-interest nor a football-lover. as the fact shows, 'most of the girls kinda hard to compare which is a good match or not. but they easily can find and call which is cool or handsome' <-- i believe it. cause it does exist for myself. i don't really get about the match but i love AZZURRI as i always did since i was a 5th grader. and about their lose? disappointed. at first. well i know that was a bad news for me and i cried when i watched Mr 18 crying :( i know how upset he was. HE DID WELL AND PERFECTLY! do not blame everything to Quagliarella. whatever! dont judge him and do not judge azzurri through an impolite mocking out! you actually can't do much better than them!

okay let's have a lil nostalgia, watch this!

well i'm crying to watch that whole video. awesome. just like some words there

--"Siamo qui
comunque vada e con qualunque tempo
con le braccia al vento e la speranza dentro
mille voci e un solo cuore
tutti insieme a respirare
questa festa di luci e magia"--

it's about on the second paragraph. with a teamwork they could! no blame on and mocking up, please :D forza azzurri!

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