Oct 29, 2010

schoolgirl says....

give a space please! oxygen! ah help meh -__- well then. for sure i'm the one who also tired of this life. and well then again, for me, life is school. i never mean that i dedicated my whole life for my school. it just seems so right to make a new definition of life. SCHOOL. know what? know why? monday tuesday wednesday friday saturday and sunday. what day possibly could have no 'study'? study here means for any school thingy. knew it that our religion ask us to study from everything. but not only school. here, i spend my time, maybe waste is lil bit suit to this sentence. i WASTE my time everyday to study at school. but believe me, i never get into learn.

so what this schoolgirl has to do?
i really need a lotta day off! i'll be big enough to say that i'm okay without school, perhaps.

so well, my school report is taken already. i'll never get satisfy. be true! be real! i'll never mean to beat every creature on my class, i just wanna kill my old, i'll beat them up. in short, let's be better.

my friend, a girl, beautiful, but quite too obsessed to be the best. get real girl! you would never be the best cus you 'll never get satisfy as i said above. i'm kinda have some lacks with that person, and thought she does it too. she'll never gimme space to be better.

one thing, I'M OKAY.

i'm standing alone no matter what, i'm tryna reach everything.
cus another 'one thing', dreaming is not a fault
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