Jan 22, 2012

Stay with me, happiness. And let us...

Much things done today. Much feelings.
Over all, I am so happy.

Happy for waking up after 10 hours quality sleep.
Happy for playing piano after a tiring week so that couldn't touch it.
Happy for the treat in case of Farah Rania's 17th birthday party.
Happy for knowing you are alright there.
Happy for the answer after waiting for some-times.
Happy for a new pair of shoes.
Happy for Ayu which after such long waiting finally met her lover.
Happy for today :)

Thanks God, I love today. Thanks Mommy, you made my day.
And I would be very happy to feel the same way tomorrow, and another tomorrow.

Who love today,
Afi Wiyono

P.s uh-oh I'm turning 17 this year. WOW! on my way entering the legal area. Legal untuk menikah wihihiw so excited yet frightened wkwk. Am I that old, huh?
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