Jul 4, 2012

Foxy Penguin say what~

So this is what I am doing for a good life, watching hannah montana along my holidaysss yep what a pretty life!! What's so special about that is nothing but fun, and only a thinker who really would pick some golds from that. By that I mean, yes I am-- laughing, out-loudly for sometimes, otherwise picking the good-saying.

Impressed enough by the S3E25. Forgot about it already, smiler? The one where Oliver was being a foxy penguin! Where "I say Foxy, you say penguin" was invented for the very first time. Hold on, mitchel musso is obviously grawsome :") yes yes he is.

A little about the foxy penguin; so Oliver and Lily was planning to buy a new car which reasonably make them finding a job. Not too furiously Rico hired Oliver in case of missing the scene of miserable-Jackson (since he stopped working for a malibu college). Torturing ones is the best happiness Rico ever get. See there, Oliver is the one who would really repay all of this missing moments.
If only what Rico has done to Jackson--being forced, being so busy and in force!-- could make Oliver suffering enough...he shouldn't have to wear the foxy penguin thingy.

But I gotta say this. Oliver is my favorite kind of boy after all <///3 haha he found it fun for being chasten by that costume, it was fun tho. You don't have to be mad when someone try to make you to. Give them a punch by branch off your cheerfulness, it kills them, like seriously.

Not until they try to admonish the one you love, it's a different story. Try to live like Oliver Oken, say what~

Foxy Penguin,
Afi Wiyono
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