Sep 5, 2012

Basinman:What the Fish!

Math project:Basinman--photoshoped edition

The Basinman looks like Pak Solehan.
Oh ya, hello I got 3 days off. Not about talking about it cause I am in the fag end of it already. My modem just started working today since the day I needed it the most--2 days ago. The days off yielding me some tasks which necessarily be done. I will, yes I will.....but know not when

Things are going really smooth, as smooth as I ever expected. Living a pleasant life is nothing but all we need. Frankly, I am still the Basinman-alike. Sometimes, my mind won't come up with several brilliant ideas until ones/things trying to rod it. It seems like living dependent and not-living when they're leaving.
Nah-ah, I am also potentially going the otherwise. It feels need to explain but I know exactly how it feels.

As a human-being, I already wised up, even a little. I shrug off for being so wistful about everything. Believing that everything happens for a reason. Once, I read one's blog where she wrote that "something was born from an absence". Even she put a tiny bit of doubt on those words, It is valid, valid for a lot of things.
We gotta have the goodwill, just like a positive attitude.
I learn from the baby mosquito here;

"A baby mosquito came back from his first flying.
His dad asked, "How do you feel?"
He replied, "It was great. Everybody was clapping for me!!"

With the fishes and a baby mosquito,
Afi Wiyono

p.s should buy a new drawing pen. The old one is soon to be used to be working
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