Oct 14, 2012

Watching David Benoit? Checked!

Catch you to tell you story. OMG it's last week already!
I ever posted and told you that David Benoit was going to have a show in Indonesia, Jogja for exact. I was just saying that I really wanted to go there with Kamil and Manar. I am a livingproof of a lucky person whom really believe for what he/she wished for. I did. Aaaaaand it happened!

This guy, Mr Benoit is one of Ayah's favorite musicians. He plays jazz. Proven, that there is no other way I could ever like Mr Benoit without Ayah's hampering. I've been listening to his musics since I was in the elementary school. Hearing that Mr Benoit was going to have a show?? Like a dream that should be fulfilled :) There's no way better than making it happen. So I was making it.

I thanked God for the chances. I thanked Ayah and Mama for letting us watching the show. I thanked Pak Asep who was being obviously ready to drive us go to Jogja. I thanked Rizqy Irsyad for buying me the tickets and giving so much information about this event (since he is one of the pupils in UGM). I thanked.......FEB UGM for making such a grawsome event!!

So last Friday, on 11 pm or about, we--me, kamil, ayah, mama, pak asep--started our shortest-overland-trip-ever. We didn't really care for the journey. Maybe it was only me, I was too excited, a lot, a lot more than when I was going to watch Simon :") we bought 3 tickets and served for me, kamil, and ayah.

AND, the show was.....asdfghjklasdfghjklasdfghjklasdfghjklasdfghjklasdfghjkl.
Replace those asdfghjkl letters with your feeling when you are getting your wishes. Replace with your feeling when you met your greatest idol of all time, then you should know how I feel :""D last, replace with your feeling when you finally heard your favorite song being played, lively, by the real artist. How could you spread any words?
I was like "Oh my, he plays it, just about 8 meters away from me, and it's real!!" I probably couldn't be happier that time. Now I can cross one of the wishes on my wishlist. How does it feel?
I took this moment as my birthday present. Always been the greatest.

Obviously asdfghjkl that time,
Afi Wiyono

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