Jan 24, 2013

Practically almost there

Used to sing all the songs in D.
People with talents are great. Everybody is.
While we are busy talking with the mind or nonsense-ly calling the heart to come along, please take a look at those responsibilities we are heading for. We have never been so numb and surely we wouldn't even glance once for it. All the things making you so in between are the things you really have known which part is best for you. You really never even have been so confused about asking your heart to answer, really. Flip the coin, they said.

I practically have my attitude for those who simply can't talk really much with their parents. I simply am in a huge gratitude. Wasn't everyone being looked after? that thought, passed once when I clearly could see how my friends almost-wholly yet unknown the way to be streamed. I simply am in a huge gratitude, again.

Least, don't even take something in a very serious way, regret it one day if you would let yourself to. Be brave enough to start your another track, we'll see we can be so much likely like we want. Everybody goes with talents. And dreams. Or both. Impossibly none both of them.

A perfect design of herself, some dreams are better queue neatly.
Afi Wiyono

There’s a beauty already inside of you
There’s a difference that only you’ll make
Every place that you spin brings you somewhere new
Finding hope every step that you take
 --- Shine 
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