May 26, 2013

Watch this

What ya think?
Wasn't Johnny really sweet? And bet they would be together at the end of story. Love story typical.
If you think so, you've been fooled. If you think so, I bet you haven't watched the movie. Cause the story wasn't about them, it was totally out of what you've been thinking. What matter in this vid is it only shows some parts of the movie. Grease 2 is more into Stephanie Zinone and Michael Carrington who didn't appear even once in this vid. To know what exactly happen is to see the full parts.

You're eyes are easily get fooled, easily trust what it has seen, easily judge which seems to be displayed.
But then sometime (not so often), you would realized that it's all only lie.

Kamil said: Real eyes realize real lies.
Seems to be true.

bye bye,
Afi Wiyono
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