Jan 28, 2015


I love Mr Hoffman.
Great guy, indeed. Rain Man was set on 1988. His astounding acts had brought him another Oscar as the best actor. Another one was an achievement he had reached through a great act as Mr Kramer on Kramer vs Kramer in 1970s, if I am not mistaken.

The fact that I would run into the source of videos directly, or I may say youtube, after watching ones great performance has brought me getting know much better about an autistic savant, a God's superlative creation, an authentic Mr Kim Peek. Kim Peek is ta rue inspiration to anyone. Indeed, to the director of Rain Man, Mr Barry Levinson. He said, he had never met an utmost true character like Kim. It was not a really long story until Barry decided to make a movie within Kim as the major character.

Mr Hoffman later met Kim. He was amazed by everything Kim had done. It was definitely a great pleasure hfor im to act as Kim. To the father of Kim, who was I found as a very superb-man, he told that he might be a star for taking role as his child(Kim) and by that, Mr Peek must tell the world that he owned this genuine God's creation.

It was touching. I just finished watching Kim's documentary.
So I brought you a line of him: You don't have to be handicapped to be different. Everyone is.

Good day.
Thank you, Mr Hoffman. Thanks to you, Mr Levinson.
Thank you, Mr Kim Peek. Thanks to you, Father Peek.
And above all, praise God. Life is wonderful, indeed yes?

Afi Wiyono
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