Jun 29, 2015

Tootsie and Attractiveness

"I think I am an interesting woman when I looked at myself on screen. And I know that when I met myself on a party I would never talk to that character because she doesn't fulfill physically the demands we brought up to think,"
".............and there too many interesting women I have, I have never experienced to know in this life because I have been brainwashed and that (Tootsie) was never a comedy for me,"

---Dustin Hoffman.                   

I watched Tootsie yesterday. A film directed by Sydney Pollack and played by Dustin Hoffman. It used to be a sort of guidelines for women living in 80s. Above is a video in which Mr Hoffman told the story of being Dorothy Michaels, his characther on Tootsie. Beautifully moved me. Yea, when you are a girl, you always want to be attaractive so guys would consider to pick you as his date. There are struggles within every single touch up here and there. Mr Hoffman found it so stressing. He perceived the pressure every woman would experience when trying so hard.

Bless them. I myself do not give any *fill with the right word yourself* on it. I mean, of course, it is impossible for not wanting to look good and attractive. But most of the times, I would really give up my self to be tempted over the attractiveness point. Sometimes, I think I am gorgeous and for the rest of it I am nothing but a wallflower. There is no league between me againts the thoughts of how a guy would really think I am. I will not dress for their eyes but mine. If I myself feel uncomfortable because a too tight dress, I would have sometimes to change. And yes, my personal taste does not let me to wear such a happy light colored dress. And yes, I hate wearing a too short shirt because it bothers me. I would dress as comfortable as I could. It is not an odd thing to have some guys comments over my outfits.

"Kenapa sih Fi suka pake baju bapak sendiri?"
"Itu baju lo apa bokap apa nyokap lo, Fi?"
"Kadang cewek banget hampir pake gamis, kadang macho banget pake kemeja bapak-bapak. Ah elu, Fi."
"Kemeja lo bagus, Fi. Tuker aja sama gue"
"Kemeja itu bikin lo tambah besar karena ukurannya nggak pas di lo. Itu kegedean"
"Baju kamu modelnya begini semua?", "Loh, tumben ganti model bajunya"

I will take that as a compliment. Yes, I love my daddy's blouse! Firstly, we are about the same size so we definitely can share. Second, I love my daddy's picks over the colors. Third, my daddy is no longer wearing those blouse cause he is no longer going to an office. Last but not least, I like it that way. Those are the perk of being a girl who is about her dad size whose her dad is no longer going for an office and of course, she is too lazy to buy stuffs herself. Economically beneficial, indeed.
So guys, if you are in need for a blouse, you can rely on me.

Washing her denim,
Afi Wiyono.

Been away from writing activity somehow makes me too lazy to start things over again. But hey, holiday is here. I should write for the sake of my foodie blog which is almost in the right state to be waving at for a good bye. No, it is not good. Since I settled things up couple months (a year and some couple months, exactly) ago, I only wrote three writings. Let those poor you saying come along with me. Damn, it feels so hard to find right words to be written. I hate my self for being down-level.
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