Dec 25, 2015

Found this too.

I had the last lecture of Praktikum Teknik Pangan on Tuesday. My professor, Mr Pur wrapped the class perfectly, as I thought any professor should have done. He talked much about what a technologists meant to be in this whole world. How we, those whom soon to be one of it, should be eligible to fulfill the upcoming challenges especially in the field of food science and technology.

"You are meant to make this whole world better. Despite the word itself, you should define the better word the way you want it to be. But do remember, better is for the sake of humanity, people, the living,"


I was a bit calmed down by the words. I have been thinking about my future. The future is so close like you would meet them in any other day. As if the word "tomorrow" would quickly turn into "yesterday" while you find yourself do nothing to make things better. And when you look deep down into yourself, you find it on despise, wanting something else, but it is too hard to get.

You know you are worth more than just being an undergradute student whom working the asses off every night and day fulfilling the credits upon the papers.

You know you are worth more than being just a graduated student whom soon to be working on any company which enriching themselves toward any chances of market living your life within the money you gain from it.

Harus apa aku sih?
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