Dec 30, 2015



1. Posing in front of Pasar Cibubur on Sunday morning.
2. Buying some vegetables and spices in Bude's kiosk. So sorry for miscapturing the head, Bude.
3. The beef kiosk! We would like to make rendang since Kana very curious about how it tastes.
4. Toko bumbu! We bought bumbu rendang. Si Aa was talking with Kana and smiling while we captured some pictures.
5. Smiling wide out from upstairs so we can see the whole market
6 and 7.I have never been so excited to use the glasses--the cute wholesome or what so ever one--especially being too norak by striking some pose. Kana made me did that.
8. Letting my little bro, Ghazi washing the car.
9. Singing Kokoronotomo and Akiko Kobayashi's song as my father playing the tunes.

It is almost January which means Kana is soon to be leaving Indonesia. Hufffft. We should be having some other funs rather than thinking of the time is yet to come.

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