Jan 25, 2017

A year ago, for exact, on the same date, a girl had a problem which she could not sleep. She barely wanted to close her eyes because a man in distant were rising his arguments onto her. The moment was never ones' favorite.

A day after, she wrote some snitchy messages on her tablet. The japanese girl who sat next to her was actually her all responsibility, but no, she did not bother not to talk with her companion. The snitchy messages were better called as "fu*ked up" notes in which reflecting how life turned not really fine lately for her. She cursed a lot. She did not feel sorry. At all.

At last, she always knew things would be overcome by night. Sleep has always been a good bridge between despair and goodness, she thought to herself. She managed to stick to that rule she made no matter what. Tho, she found it sometimes rather betray her than happen. It would still feel good in the end.

Up until now, she knew the rule would still work. Isn't it an emptiness she has been waiting all along? Or the emptiness itself giving her power?

He is the key.

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