Mar 18, 2017


I just finished my paper.
And also done the whole story of arranging things.

I just cannot finish our paper.
And also done the whole thing of arranging us.

When will you be extinct?
Or buried deep down for ever more?

You were just drowning.
In the ocean of nowhere.
Or where
tell me.

So suddenly
The dead body pop
right in my mind.
My mind was the ocean.

I would be reminiscing.
Gaining strength
just to make it alive for ever more.

For you were not
You come

My mind was the ocean.
And you were not dead.

Apa sih.

p.s. untuk semua kabar kepulangan yang tidak kuterima, aku berbesar hati. Hanya satu kali. Apa lah mau diartikan. Pergi atau kembali?


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