Aug 11, 2017

The Sense of Afi yang Berisik

I thought being mature was all about setting aside the egos. Because this world ain't about me and will never be. Ever since my senior year of high school began, I thought I would devote my college period on preparing the readiness of this assumption. But hell, maturity is the battle. The battling of the nonsense and the tangible ideas. Also, the acceptance of knowing that the self is never a special snow flake. There is no such a thing as unpopular opinion. It is the least humble knowledge of telling everybody that you want to be reckon as special, which is my ego should win.

Me, on finishing my thesis.
But got stuck on the feeling of "Nobody is special tho."
Therefore, I am writing.

Battling my own battle,
Afi Wiyono


I just laughed out loud by the time I re-read my 2012-2013 blog posts. Things were really complicated back then as well today. But it turned me up thinking that I have been battling a lot. From then up until now, I have been battling to keep up with my self and days. What? Really, people.

I used to talk as a first person on those posts. As if, I were not a part of problems I was facing. Really, Where was I? Maybe I was a by-stander or perhaps I was a wallflower. It is fun to re-read. Yet nowadays, I seem always to be the problem itself. Funny. I talk to myself a lot and keeping up with the strategies. Busy enough to strengthen my own self and not having a single time talking to the surrounding.

Well, I am talking about a blog post, tho.
Or may I have been doing it in the so called real life?

But still, to be fair, I am not considering those times should be repeated again. Life is life. Backbreaking and smile lifting. The battle is everywhere, differ to one another. 
(Wow, I am still being me for having this aspiration! Claps!).


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