Aug 11, 2009

the scenario by mrs.tuti

it's seemed too silly to remember you know!
it was located in LIA room 404 about 3.15 p.m; mrs.tuti my course teacher came and she regreted because she didn't come last meeting (actually; i also did not come on that day but i bet that there was no absent list)

the last meeting project was talking about advice and i've got a lil' about it in the last term with mss.susi my beloved one. yeah mrs.tuti just reviewed and we already understood (seemed so), so she asked us to make a group but at least she choosed it by number head (1 til 4) and who got the same number must gathered. oyea, except dinda and ela because they would be the advicer (i dunno how to call someone who's give advices).

well, my group number is 1! because we were the best one! haha~
i'm with faris and wahyu.

mrs.tuti(mt): well, group 1 come with me (went out from the class)
wahyu(w): should we bring these books?
mt: (twisted her head)
me(m): what? i'm the only girl
mt: alright, i'll make a scenario. wahyu and faris have been making friends for 10 years. but it seems that their friendship will be brake because they're fallin in love with the same girl that's you, afi!
faris(f): huaha (laughed)
m: what? no no please change the scenario ma'am!
mt: well, for additional because you wanna change, you (afi) always call and send sms everyday to both of them!
m: well, it's worse!
mt: just make a condition like that and you need advices from dinda and ela, okay?

both of us: yeaah,

well, we went to another class and just sat did nothing and joked. we want a spontanious one and it's natural.

w: haha afi, you'll be mine (joked)
m: oh no no i choosed faris to be my husband! lol
f: ahaha well, just do it natural and, NGASAL haha

yeah, that's a scenario seemed strange but it made us happy and that afternoon really full of happiness. and dinda also ela gave their advices with no logic and also NGASAL hihi

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