Aug 11, 2009

SHE, against my emotion

hey, it's me with all of my complication :(
yesterday, August 10,2009;
i was worrying about my task (our task; my group actually) but it felt just mine. none help none care. even they tried to.

HER; still same as the last post- just really made me sure that she was nothing. this was happen yesterday:

since i done my task that called seni budaya, it was not my duty anyway! yes okay, anya and nadia already done their task next, HER. what did she do so far?

her(h): wey, i did nothing! what should i do now?
me(m): really?
h: i already sent you a sms but you didn't reply!
m:i've told you about my cellphone! i lost it!
h: who's care?

SH*T! what did she say?
so, i'll sellfish like what you do for us, huh! well not til like that, i gave her a new chance

m: well, just print these task!
h: okay i'll do it when breaktime comes
m: okay

it was breaktime and i with anya was eating our meal.

h: hey! nadiah isn't fine! you'd better print our task! *threw my flashdisk*
m: why don't you.... *haven't finish my words, she went off*

okay, i probably didn't want to care anymore. i asked anya to accompany and we both went.
i was angry but that wouldn't finish everything and i know that she would never want to even i mean about her. eat your sh*t, girl! you're such a bloody DAMN! (sabar fi)

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