Nov 6, 2009

belated birthday

ehm, long time no seeeee hihihi hari ini aku pengen marathon buat mosting kalo bisa. you know why? soalnya aku udah lama banget ga mosting oh sosososososaaaaaad muahaha lebay;
let see, first wanna say HAPPY BIRTHDAY for meee:DDD wewewe telat banget , you don't know about that precious thing? it was 11.10.09 bagus yaaa nomornya-->

some present that i got

-my LOL-ly honey bunny muahaha lebay, it reffers to my N5130. finally i got a new cellphone:))
-a really sweet and bright and colorful and funny and-whatever-can-describe-my bracelet, hihi
-a cute japanese doll. got it from anya, it seemed a really cute handicraft
-a photo album from nisae
-a pencilcase which have a really girly touch and i love it <3

and others haha, thank's for everyone:))

p.s. i gave everyone in my class chokichoki--and it was soooo impressive
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