Dec 22, 2009

Tryout uas

Let's TTP--> fyi, i felt so stupid when i was face the questions booklet :'( felt so blank and nothing in my mind. So when tryout came i didnt wanna study. The cause? Of course not because i feel smart enough! Because it felt useless ergh

next, when i did the tryout i got bad news, my grandpa was hospitalized :'( and i couldnt concentrate with the questions.

Well the result? Havent make me satisfied but daddy said it's a good start to improve next time, heheh

english: 92
math: 100
science: 90
bahasa: 74, DAMN -,-

i always get a bad score for my bahasa, what's earth going on here (ngikutin ms wiz)

well beside tryout i also have uas well known as ujian akhir sekolah haaaah the result? Worse than tryout

english: 88
math: 95
science: 78
bahasa: 88

see, lil clappy for my bahasa but a heavy sharp rock for my science. rrr, what's earth going on ckck muahahaha

catch you whenever
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