Jun 29, 2010


as my holiday on i got a lotta activities with my family actually. besides, my daddy already resigned and we got a freetime together. in these 2 weeks, i already went to the cinema about 4 times. wow never been like this before, my momma always warned me to go the cinema.

the first one i went to detos. with nisae and bona and what did we watch? Karate Kid!

awesome! i cried that time and nisae did it MORE HISTERICAL HAHA :D every glanced i took to nisae it made me cry over and over. about 3 times i cried that time and the audiences? haha have their own fantasy (?) clapped our hand even it was in cinema

then the second one is........... The A-Team!
WAWWWW -___- i watched this at botani square with my sista mom and dad

well honestly i never have a good sense for an action movies but for now, i do! this is very great. cool. and funny! i do heart Murdock so badly! he's soooooooo unguessable! haha stupid but so smart! my daddy loves this series movie at first so, he want watch this movie in the cinema. ROCK ON DUDE! -___-

well then the third one i did it at the same day with The A-Team. but different places! after we watched The A-Team we went to cilandak (my grandma's house). and me and kamil asked our cousins to watch Toys Story 3! okay we went to penvil or pejaten village. haha we got the 3D one

cool! happiness and sadness both made me cry MORE OVER AND OVER :( now i knoe how the toys feel. haha learn much from that movie. respect our toys! (y!) okay for you who haven;t watch this movie, please watch it ASAP! you'll never regret it, believe me

the last one (so far)...... Karate Kid AGAIN!! and i did it today, just this afternoon haha. with whom? my sista mom and daddy again. where? botani square AGAIN! hahaha
okay this time i still cry but not as much as i did at first! first sense is special though! and i did not regret to watch it again. i love this movie! see and learn how they can defeat their frightened and every lil thing are basically will be the big thing then~ cool! Jackie Chan and Jaden Smith both awesome!

well then that's my movie journey for this week. kinda i haven't satisfy yet LOLs :p

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