Jun 3, 2010

my girlssss~

Hello world. I’m typing right in my seat.
Okay, I’ll make the outline first so I can type everything correctly and based on the fact.
Honestly, my stupid-speedy is not working right now, so I’m typing on ms.word first.

(after a couple minutes)

Okay you guys, here what I wanna share in this post.
It’s a lil about my junior-high-school-thingy. Yeah, FRIENDS.
Friends means a lot for me, friends means everything? Yeah I agree about that statement. Whatever, but I need friends every time. Alone is a terrible word for me. I hate being lonely whenever I am. Let me tell you about my girls in jhs.

Firstly, Marsyacita Andiana known as Anya.
A very wonderful girl. A powerful and a tough girl. She’s the best place to share everything she’s kinda person who always understand about people’s problems and matters. I’m used to sharing everything with her. Thanks nyaaaa, for everything exactly! It’s just too worth to letting you go out of mymind :) a lot of experiences I’ve had with you and it was wonderful just like you aaaaaa never want to departed! And sorry for every mistakes that I’ve done. So sorry nya :’( aku ga pernah bermaksud buat kamu kesel, tapi in fact aku emang suka ngeselin. MAAAAAAF!!

Second, Annisa Saraswati known as Nisae.
Oh, it’s horrible to talk about you but I know you’re awesome in other part! You’re just too unique. The most unique person I’ve ever met. You can call her as freaky-maniac-weirdo-retarded or else -___- haha sorry nis but that’s true! youuuuuu…… awkward but SPECIAL! You know that it’s such a hard thing to find another people like you. You’re going to be extinct! Huakakakk I love you nis, somuch, hardly, deadly, whatever can describe my feeling. The best moment I had with you I thought it was everytime. I love every single time I spent with you esp, Yupi-time hohoho hard to forget

Third, Anissa Karina known as Niskar or Nissa.
This one, hmm~ the pretty girl. I ever wondered like this ‘ if I were a boy, I would trying hard to get Niskar’s heart and make her as my girl friend’ -__- why? Because she really beautiful, humble, and yeah different I don’t know why but yeah that’s you. Damn it that you’ve taken by Alif -_- that boy haha but it’s okay laaaa I loved to see you with him.

Fourth, Erlya Novia known as Erly.
This is my talkative friend. ‘talkative’ here means different with someone who love to talk too much. But here’s Erly loves to give her argument or something that reasonable. One thing that I never understand about her is, ‘why it such a very very hard thing gets a photograph with you, huh?’ I have to wait till the graduation day then FINALLY I got photographs with ya -__- haha you’re awesome!

Fifth, Hanan Zhafira known as Hanan.
Okay, this girl hahahha lil bit different. She’s so fashionable, loves to chitchat about people’s looks or else. Yeah sometimes she judges someone even just a bad point one but I ever did it too. Usual, I thought. But Hanan is really special she loves to give me advice about my looks and other things. And she is a badminton lovers haha you cheat that you always say I’m a taufikerssss -__- and you’re a simonerssss -__- hahaha I love you :)))

Sixth, Anisa Putri Pragatiningati known as Nisput
Aaaaa she’s the great one! gave a lotta suggests a lotta interesting stories a lotta thingsssss. She has a problem I thought, can be really mellow if she face a boyfriend-syndrome oh yeah, I don’t really get about that problem honey! Sorry hohoho~

Seventh, Try Susanty known as Susan.
Okay one word. Weirdo. She’s really smart and talkative and special and everything! I thought she can do everything easily in her way! And she never care about people’s judgments about herself she always let it go and be her self! Proud of you san! You’ve taught me a lot!

The last one, Aprillia Dwie Ananta Dewinta Sani known as April.
From her name we can see how feminine she is haha so loooooooong hard to remember it, so just call her April! You know that she’s different with others (what?) yeah I even confuse to call her as ‘she’ or ‘he’ huakakak we call it ‘tomboy’ you know -_- maybe it just from her looks but the truth? She has a very big girl-hearted in the other side oh yeah really special. gue sayang banget sama lo pril! Bodo amat lo sayang gue apa enggak -_- lo itu ngasih BANYAK banget pelajaran kehidupan buat gue dan itu, namanya hidup! Lo itu orangnya kuat walaupun tukang ngeyel tapi lo special banget lhooooo muahmuahmuah :*** oh iya kakak gue malah sempet takut banget bahwa gue sama April itu adalah sepasang lesbian -__- that’s messy you know berita acakadul ga jelas kaya gitu. and even more my parents ever warned me to not too close with her, what a sad! But I love april :)

Okay, those are my-girlssssss I love them all. The best I’ve ever had :) thankyou for everyone, sorry for every mistakes!

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