Jun 2, 2010

can you see my favicon?

hello there, it's almost midday in Jakarta. But thought it's midnight in canada, where tasha stays. okay, who's her? Tasha Choong

i just had a lil chitchat with tasha through skype. exactly, it's not a 'lil chat' i asked her a lota. about what? how to put favicon in our blog? -_- even more at first i dont know it called favicon hoho. and i asked tasha like this

see? norak. yeah that's absolutely me.
then tasha told me alot! that's a very kind of her.
Doh, i'm speechless and don;t know what to type here. too happy to know that tasha is really care. okay next, then till the end of the chat i haven't understand how to put favicon in myblog. tasha did it for me. can you see that? i thought tasha ever put that thing in her blog, but i love it! no need to change for this laa~

okay our conversation ended for today. as i said it's midnight in canada i thought so tasha gotta hit her bed!

goodnight tasha, sleepwell and sweetdream, thankyou for today!
hope you can explain more to me :)

aaaa i love youuuu

big ♥ from me, afiwiyono
for tasha there :)
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