Sep 6, 2010


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maybe it's too much

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and i think this one is like a bullshit of friendship
you won't see your friends around you when you really need them. not always.
as you think they're trying to help you, it's better. that's the real happen.

you can say anything about FRIENDS. but you will look so awesome if you can prove what you say. and it would be a really hard part of your goal.
being FRIEND as mentioned in each quotation isn't easy as you think
or maybe you won't be one like that.

each you see your friends around, be sure that they're alright. you don't have to take care of them intensively, they're human who can save themselves for some reasons.
you have more problems than they have maybe.

but for sure, just being trusted.
and have a guts to keep your friendship flows, are BETTER.

missing you is like a hell, i'm dying because of you.
but somehow, you forget me for some reasons. you stab for sometimes. you drag me to some problems. but it doesn't matter as i know, you're not a liar.

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