Sep 5, 2010

this is US

Dear, ......

hey we're changing!
ah that's a normal way to prove that we're human. the real human. the mature human.
i owe a lot of things with ya

Life is like a bonus box on Crash Bandicoot.
Once you passed it. you couldn't go back.
Life is like an overtune.
Once you can't reach it, you're gonna feel hurted.
Life is like a bandit.
Once you do something you like, you may got a lot of sins.
Life is us
Life is awful
Life is overact
Life means US
Life means awful
Life means overact

being useful. being meaningful
i thanked everything because i'm ALIVE.
this is me. and this is US

i ain't gonna live forever. i just wanna live while i'm alive. IT's MYLIFE. -- Bon Jovi

the biggest warm heart,
Hayah A.W -- Afi
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