Sep 18, 2010

freshly inside i'm dying outside

sunken. what sunken anyway? no need to explain. open your oxford dictionary and get a visualize from those words. i get by from everything i never get. actually i'm extremely random this late time. is it an impact of being a high schooler? maybe yes. thought yes for sure.
i'm too much to feel what i'm on to. i saw that high school isn't that bad, i'm currently haven't got the right sense yet.

so, should i find the strong point of mine?
i'm not the one into art.
i'm not the one into music.
but i always try. exact sometimes might be jerk if you see there's something change everyday, everytime. if you can't find the certain one, why don't you choose the uncertain one? it's more challenging than any other exact thoughts.

i went to Jogja and Wonosobo not long ago. what i found? a true simply life enviroment what i've been searching for. i even didn't want to leave, stay there might be better. build a new life is the best idea that time. freshed. i felt an awesome heart-beat inside here, my body. don't you believe i'm in love with that place? i even don't know what should i call it. more than love, more desire, more flare. i begged it so much.

and back to Jakarta. sucks. i never expect to stay here. terrible is the right word to describe this city. no need to talk too much. i'm done with Jakarta, here-i-am. with a complicated life.

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i'm not ready to die in this pretty sucks city.
i'll change my thoughts. i'll find my own prince first

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