Nov 4, 2010

momma and daddy both just left me this afternoon. for a sacred pray, go to Makkah.
actually i don't know how to express my feeling. this :') or this :'( ?
i feel both. yes both.

they never leave me for such long days so far. this is the first time. at least, my daddy ever went to Europe but it was only about 2 weeks and note this, there was my momma. this time is really a new life! none both of them are here to accompany me for a month! A MONTH! 30 days. it's gonna be a long time guys :'(

gonna miss them is kinda a must. but, i never mean that they couldn't go, of course not. just wanna say that i really gonna miss you. well for this condition, i'm gonna stay in my grandma's house. Cilandak. not far from my school. that's why i'll stay there.

at least, i wish Allah always take care of them, amin. and always take care of me and my sistah :') be good, Fi! and i will

"30 days is not a long time. but 29 days waiting for the 30th day is such a long time"--

I'll do my best for my test next week. and wish they'll proud of me :'). I believe God does really exist for me
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