Nov 6, 2010

tell me what? and guess what! beg you'll never guess and just wanna say 'what?' hahah

well, this post will be kinda announcement. everybodeh please pay attention here.

i don't know is it a must or what, but one thing;
I GOTTA MOVE OUT FROM THIS HOUSE. move. yeah, note that word.
only me, without my sistah and brotha. so, is it a must? as i said i don't know.

move where? me even can't go to school by myself. so, that's what i said in previous post. my grandma's house would be better for me to reach my school. just that? i guess there's another thing. the will be my cousins and i thought they're gonna motivate me. not directly but, with their existence i will always feel motivated cause i have to be a good big sistah ;)

a month yeah, just leave this house. i think i'm okay!

that orange fence is my homey :)

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