Nov 21, 2011

So, I Decided to Stop Complaining

Just deleted the last post which were titled as 'postingan untuk si peeep'
Goodly to know that the peeep has the right to fling me to the court. Okay, I won't be that much. By that I just wanna be nakal dikit so that that peeep will summon me to her room and yes finally facing the shits on her words.

Aku menghapusnya. Ya ya, senang kan?
Semoga pulang dari Abu Dhabi jadi orang baik ya, aamiin.

And last, I decided to stop complaining, how sweeeeeet~ and since now I'd rather provoking the stuffs of rebellion or else. So the motto goes to: Hakuna matata and less complaining, more provoking!

Best regards,
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