Dec 2, 2011

Heart Assessment. It's saying like.....

Such a massive world.

I am terribly tired. Left your duties is quite fun. I've done too much ignorance though.
So, what am I up to?

I do need a diary. I do need to splash out every chaos for exact. Happy to spend this week by having an examination week. To be honest, I'm happy for every chance to be through with friends -- studying, laughing, joking, mocking, cursing, and else that would never be guaranteed to be happen all over again.

Not even regretting for not being serious yet firm to face this week. The result are not quite satisfying but I'm good. It will be fun not to get everything perfectly. Face it guys, it's the real world, ups and downs are the best words. As it goes, everyone knows what does coincide with the best thing ever. Lovelife. That would be great.

Not saying like I'm a victim. Yet unknown, for exact.
This late, the self replacement does exist (again). Been a year hoho what an amusing!

I fell in love with "We Could be in Love". Second time. I was wondering when I was a ninth grader, this was the best ever match song to be sung together with him. You can guess right? not to say the name cause I'm not purpose-ful enough to do it. That time was the silliest moment ever. I was saying like " I'm in love "
That was a thick idiotic. I can just laugh btw XD (p.s I miss him -_-)

Okay, senseless. What I'm trying to say is.......

"Why do I feel like I am doing what I've been very loathe to do?"

I'm wrong. I shouldn't have to. I don't want to.
Keep the distance. Yet......we don't know what tomorrow would bring so stay on your path.

Anyone who's seen us

Knows what's goin' on between us
It doesn't take a genius
To read between the lines

We Could be in Love-- Lea Salonga

The answer-seeker,
Afi Wiyono
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