Apr 4, 2012

Highschool and less than that

Then tell me why could I post a new one here?
Cause I'm home alreadiiiieh! What a lovely day. Yesterday I was prolonging the time I should reach the school. Shortly, I was late.
Case for being a mature person, I have to learn from the mistakes. So that it means today I shouldn't have to be late. I mean, I can't be late for several rows hellooooo :"D
and what Ms.Rustini and her story said about "some people will never learn" seems so meant to be. I left home on the doubt of early and even much more late than yesterday.

So, I went halfway to school then came back home :"D what a student must, everybody! what a me! *laughing while sobbing*

It's the several time I'm doing this, when it should be home time when school is over, I gotta be there cause I have some duties on school. Shortly, I'll be back~~~

Hooo can you see what's so different about now and the time I used to cry when it's not properly on time to school?
Yes, I'm in highschool now and not an 8 or 10 years old anymore. See?

A 16-years-old,
Afi Wiyono
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