May 18, 2012

Joy oh joy

I miss people. I miss everyone. I miss mama, I miss ayah, I miss kamil, I miss mas aria, I miss them a lot. I miss the mutual dialogue. I miss their advices. I miss the jokes. I miss them a lot. I miss the horse time. I miss the dayfruits. I miss their stories. I miss the fights. I miss them a lot. I was bumming out that I wrote on my journal as if I have to meet them at times. And missing them is some kind making your heart went malfunction. I don't want to hear people's talking these days, I don't care if it is agitating or not. I do really need those who led me onto what I am, shortly....them. May you all find the grace, just want to let you know, I miss you. I miss you a lot and I hope we ALL are going to meet, as really soon as possible.
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