Jun 25, 2012

You don't say

This is what I found on my chat history, just ones talking;

"lagi pengen kecewa aja biar aspek hidup yang lain jadi bagus"-- Pelajar, 16 tahun.

You don't say.....
He ought to blow my mind and flip things called my brain. It is the term of happiness when you find everything seems so thriving and prospering. In case of about gaining the whole of it you must have been in somewhat called the bitters. Just the case you can compare clearly.
Whether it is all about;
Black and white.
Bitter and sweet.
Boring and fun.
Awful and awesome.
Terrible and terrific.
Whatever and whatever...

But it was not the term that you could wish for the bitter at some moments so that you are going to be much more gay. No, it is not.
Don't you remember about being blessed? Everything is just going to be sooooooo fine, don't you believe it?
Why is it so hard to put the hopes over the good things while it actually attainable happening?
Think twice.

Just saying and come after Roger Taylor,
Afi Wiyono
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