Jul 19, 2012

What's rolling in my mind for several late hours this evening

Some of us put the hopes all over our days just because it is determined as an act of assuring everything is just going to be right. Some parts of the rest of us call them optimistic, and some others call them dreamers. We really don't know how to judge something, because we have no need about that.
Why asking?


Oftenly, we praise the pizzazz things make sure that we are one of it. Forgetfully, the self-respect going away--along by the times, fading away, never come back until we realized it has gone, forever. We can't do much about the times not even going the same round, drumming into the horse times, pulling back the hard moments, or staying at the same point. Ain't regrets can wait, it really is painful.
About life, it deals choices, they said. Well-saying, I said. It has never been about the right or wrong, we think. It has always been now or never.
And I have no idea what I am talking about. Don't ask.


I will never want to be able to fly
And these kind of thoughts,
making me sick
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