Aug 24, 2012

Great Disguise

Chemistry Assignment

Barney shows us lots of things
Like how to play pretend
-- Barney Theme Song, Barney

Great job, Barney.
What are you wearing, people?
Was that you who's tempting enough to do all the tasks?
I did not have a good time while everybody was doing their Chemistry assignment. I had no pencil so I used my markers.
I learned the limit numbers of paper absorption or something.
I learned the way to scratch the markers again and again without wrecking the paper.
I learned coloring.
And I did not (haven't yet, hope so) understand what was I really should be doing. They talked about colligative properties, electrolyte solution, and the opposite of it.

As if I wore a mask, as if I understood. I really am smart to play the role, as a good student, who's actually like a numb.

P.s I had a dreamception and it was cool. I traveled along my dreams and visit the places I intended to. I could really think that time and answered every questions as desired. Had a great talk with some friends and laughed a lot. When I woke up, I remembered all the stories I just passed through. LOL it was T-totally fun!
By the way, David Benoit is going to have a show on October 2012!! Damn I want the tix. It costs cheap, really cheap after all. Wondering I can leave my school for Jogja with Kamil and Manar hmm.

Have a grawsome life!
Afi Wiyono

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