Aug 17, 2012


Taylor Swift

"The more we get together,
the happier we'll be"
--The more we get together, Barney's song

 Just a regular holiday but blithsome at some parts. Many parts.
I went abroad, overseas, for a holiday.
Oh yes, I met Miley some days before she cut her buns off. She was awesome as well and friendly at much conversations. It was a-five-minutes talks. And I think I wore the wrong haircap--nevermind.
Later days I went to Ms.Swift's press conference, my o my.
She was damn pretty, pretty much alike me. That night, I was feeling like wearing the right haircap.

What do you do for your holiday?

Part of daydreaming,
Typing right next to Zac Efron,
Afi Wiyono

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