Dec 3, 2012

Along with those mainstream posts

Baby, baby, Imma senior, by the way.
All the talks about final exams are stuttered said since it might should be a little end for this semester. Well it doesn't, tho. Plenty side scores' mining awaits, not so plenty after all. I have lived long enough along with these school thingy, it obviously is not-so-called as priority for my life.

Tomorrow will be the lassszzzt day, finally. Today was surprising, I don't know whether it was delighting or embarrassing that I met a chance for doodling while doing Physics :O too many confidence might kill you, lady.

The point is, another tomorrow(s) awaits, baby. I can't wait.

// Tomorrow may be even brighter than
today since I threw my sadness away only Yesterday
-- Only Yesterday / The Carpenters

Afi Wiyono

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