Apr 25, 2013

Let yourself be happy enough, or just sleep

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So I guess it has been a perfect time, today. I've been around with my high-level mood within good news toward my friends and their days, so happy enough with today's afternoon. Clock was still ticking till it's 9.30 pm already, it's ticking still, there might be a glimpse of faults, I guess.

I opened my twitter's timeline and scroll it, down down down, up, down down, up up, and seen it. Funny how I felt sorry. I don't get it why these people's blues easily wrecking my mood, also their moods, I bet it. I felt sorry, feeling like I'm useless enough being so-called as friend. Nuts, I knew it that we can't be wise enough to please everyone, cause this life is not about pleasing nor making anyone be proud of who you are. I knew it it's been too much to mingle with ones' sad story and duly to feel the same, it's been too much.

So then, what is it?
Think I should pay much for the blessed days they've given to me. Why can't I be the reason of their blessed days too? or at the least point, be wise enough to make them finding the cheerfulness themselves.
I love this afternoon, but then I hate this evening, I want people get their best best story too, I want people be grateful for what they've been through and look upon the days they've cruised with a happy term not only hanging on the reason why they imaginably able to be miserable.

I'm not smart enough to give sweet words for then making them happy but I guess all you have to do is be ready for the opportunity to be glad, all your work/your almost-failed works will be paid by the things you are wishing for, that's how the universe works.

Your, maybe not so precious, friends,
Afi Wiyono
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